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Nevada Bob's has a full-service repair shop.  We can accommodate:

New grips

Replacement shafts

Cuts or extensions

Forged iron adjustments for loft or lie


Warranty repairs via manufacturer

...and more!

Repair Pricing:

Club grips: $5-$11

Putter grips: $9.50-$20

Super Stroke grips: $20-25

Grip installation: $2 per grip

Save grips: $5 per grip

Re-shafting: $20 (steel) $30 (graphite)

Pull shafts: $10

Extensions: $3 per extension

Extension installed: $5 per extension

Re-epoxy: $10

Ferrule: $2

Shim: $3

Re-cleat: $10

Cleats: $11-$15

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