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Nevada Bob's values our loyal customers.  We know that you could choose to buy your equipment any number of places theses days, including without even having to leave your house.  When you come to us, we want to provide you with top-notch equipment, excellent service, professional fittings, and superior knowledge; and now we'd also like to reward you for choosing to trust us with all your golf needs.


"Nevada Bob's Country Club" is the name of our NEW rewards program!


Unlike most country clubs, this one is FREE to join.  In fact, we'll give you 50 points just for signing up!  It's all pretty simple: you earn 1 point for every dollar you spend.  Once you've earned 2000 lifetime points, you become a VIP member and you earn points 10% faster!  Points are used to get a discount against your purchases.  You'll also receive special bonus offers via email, which could be bonus points, additional discounts, or even access to special sales.

We find that most rewards programs make you spend a lot to start to earn your benefits.  Our program is a lot more generous than most.  It only takes 50 points to get $5 off your purchase, 95 points to get $10 off, 180 for $20 off, 340 for $40 off, 640 for $80 off, 1200 for $160 off, and 2240 for $320 off.  That's most of the way to that new driver you've been thinking about!

We know how most golfers hate having stuff in their pockets while they play, so there's nothing extra to keep in your pocket with this, either.  There's no card to lose.  You can check your points using a computer or your smart phone.

CLICK HERE to join now or to check your current points

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