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Dear Nevada Bob's Customers:


As you can see from that headline, we are *temporarily* closing our doors. Let me explain the context of this.


The past two years have been the best we've ever had in the 30+ years we've been in business. 2021 was a record year for us and 2022, to date, is closely behind that pace. The two years leading into this record stretch were pretty darn good years, too. The store has been successful and healthy. We've been so successful in this 3-4 year period that we've talked openly with many customers about our desire and plans to move into a new space and maybe add another simulator or two.


The process of moving into a new building started becoming very real about a year ago. The owners of the golf store are real estate developers. They own the building we're in now, as well as many others around town. They've been working on plans to build a new golf store for over a year and a particular plan was in motion and moving forward.


Meanwhile, with our new building plans progressing and knowing that we were planning on vacating our current space, the owners began to ramp up the search for a new tenant to fill our current space. Very recently, a new tenant agreed to sign a lease for our space. They need to move in pretty soon and, as such, renovation of our current space for this new tenant will be starting as early as July 15th,, depending on the new tenant getting their permits from the city without any delays.


While our owners were working with this new tenant on their new lease, the particular plan for our new building suddenly and unexpectedly stalled. The owners have been pursuing other possibilities for us but nothing is worked out, quite yet.


The nuts and bolts of things is this: We are losing our lease and need to be out of here by July 15th; and as of the time of this writing, we don't have another place to go. What happens between now and whenever we open again is this: We are immediately having a sale on everything in the store at 20% OFF (with exclusions, where they might apply.) We need to get as much out of here as possible in the next month. We're still offering custom fittings right up until our last day but the sale prices are for in-stock items, only. In the meantime, we won't be bringing in any new stock of any kind, either, so when it's gone, it's gone.


We have every intention of continuing to provide our golfing community with the best service and best equipment right up until the doors close and we will be coming back in the future with a bigger, better store to continue doing those very same things.

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