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Meet our instructors:

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Nevada Bob's is proud to now offer golf lessons! Come and see our qualified instructors to help you with your game!

Our lessons take place in our store using our top of the line simulators.  We provide our students with video feedback as well as lesson notes in order to help you make the best progress you can with your swing.  Students can expect to learn fundamentals and core concepts such as grip, stance, alignment, clubface control, club path, biomechanics, impact physics, and more.

Lessons are available for beginner and intermediate golfers as well as more advanced players.  The cost is $65 per hour/lesson. Buy a package of 3 lessons for $175 or 6 lessons for $325.

Book your time here under "Lessons." 


Hi, I'm Dan Szymczak.   I'm an RST Level 1 Certified golf instructor since April of 2018 who teaches a methodology based on looking at the golf swing from the inside out and how the muscles are designed to move, what position the joints need to be in to provide stability, power and safety, and Newton's Laws of Physics.  The information that must be learned to pass Level 1 requires on average 100 hours of study on swing mechanics, physics, anatomy, biomechanics, physiology and more.  My goal for the golf swing (including my own) is repeatable efficiency.  For more information on RST methodology, click here.

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