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If you'd like to book a club or putter fitting, please click here.

Occasionally, I am asked the question: "What is the biggest mistake golfers make in buying equipment?"  The answer? Buying off the rack.

Custom club fitting is THE most important thing that any golfer, regardless of skill level, can do for their game (in conjunction with lessons) if you want to have any level of sustainable success on the golf course.

One of the things our regular customers hear me say all the time is that every golfer in the world is either playing with clubs that are working with them or working against them on every, single swing, whether they know it or not. If you haven't been custom fitted, you may not know which ones you have! And just like I could probably drive a nail into a piece of wood with a screwdriver if my life depended on it, it's not the right tool for the job. Clubs off the rack might be a hammer-- but they might be a screwdriver. You just don't know without getting fitted by a professional.  Sure, you can go to one of our competitors and buy older model clubs (that can't be fitted to you) at a discount price-- but why make a hard game all the harder when you can get the best, newest technology in clubs that are fitted for you at no additional charge from us?

There are typically just a few common misunderstandings about fitting that deters someone from getting custom fitted:


1) They just don't know any better (see above);

2) They think custom fitting costs more than buying off the rack;


Yes, custom fitting costs you some money-- but only if you don't buy your clubs through Nevada Bob's. If you buy through us, your fitting is absolutely free!

3) They've been fitted in the past, so they think they already know their specs;

Swings change.  Technology changes.  Even if you've been fitted before, it's always wise to get fitted again every time you buy new clubs.


Again, it's free, so why not? If you're going to spend your hard-earned money on equipment, why not take the extra step to be sure it's the RIGHT equipment-- especially if finding that out is free.

4) They think that fitting is only for an advanced golfer;

Fittings are important for every golfer. In fact, the less skilled player actually has less of an ability to make the necessary compensations for poorly fit equipment. So it might actually be more important for the average or novice golfer to be custom fit. Here's an interesting case-in-point example.

5) They think that custom fitting just doesn't really make a difference;

Someone might only think that until they play with their first custom fitted set. Most golfers tangibly experience the difference immediately the first round they play with fitted clubs. And I've yet to meet the person who got custom fitted once and never got fitted again. Ask anyone who has been fitted by a professional and they'll tell you how important it is. Here's another great article to further make that point.

So what does fitting entail? For iron sets, we primarily fit for shaft flex, shaft characteristics, shaft length, and lie angle.  Each of those are important variables that help you deliver the club to the ball consistently well and get the best strike out of every swing.

For drivers, we primarily fit for shaft flex, shaft characteristics, and launch angle.  Those values help you to be able to create consistent contact and maximize your distance.

This article from Golfweek says it all: "....fitting is the No. 1 fundamental for providing consistency throughout a set of clubs."

The best part of buying clubs at Nevada Bob's is that being professionally fit is a FREE part of our process. We want you to have clubs you can be your most successful with. If you're not thinking about buying clubs today but still would like to be fitted, we can do that, too.  $50 for irons, $30 for drivers, and $15 for putters (we fit those, too!)  If you get fitted for both irons and a driver at the same time, it's $75. If you decide to do a fitting and come back to buy the clubs within six months, just keep your receipt and we'll take that price off of your order.

Nevada Bob's is the premier location in the Northland for custom club fitting. Our staff is trained to make sure that every customer is properly fitted in order to get the most out of your new clubs.  Spending just a few important minutes in our simulator can help get you into tools that are designed for you as a craftsman. Come see us and get fitted today!

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