Well, folks, we've finally come to the point where it makes sense for the safety and wellness of everyone to temporarily close down Nevada Bob's, effective immediately.  Our plan is to close the doors with the hope of re-opening on April 1st.  Obviously, things are pretty fluid right now and we can't see what the state of things will be like between now and then, so that isn't set in stone.  But it's our hope.


I will likely still be working a few hours here and there during this break.  For those customers with orders coming in or waiting to be picked up, I'll try to be in touch to set up pickup times over the next two weeks.  Otherwise, we'll see you in early April.  You probably won't be needing your clubs between now and then, anyway. ;)


We love the game of golf; but we love our customers more.  We will be back and golf will be back.  (In fact, golf might be just about the best thing to do once we get through this initial stretch.)  Please, please be safe, be well-informed, and I can't wait to see you all again after the 1st.

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